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I recommend Mansfield Physical Therapy highly. The expertise and treatments they provide are first class. I have been to two other PT facilities prior to finding myself at Mansfield Physical Therapy, where I have been for several years due to a chronic condition. My therapist is incredible and actually makes me look forward to going every week. She offers also lots of advice for being proactive throughout the week to preventing future discomfort.   From the moment you walk in, you deal with friendly, warm faces that make every practical matter such as physician referrals, insurance, booking appointments and the payment process as seamless as possible. If you like to be taken well care of, Mansfield Physical Therapy is the right place for you.

HB, Storrs Mansfield, CT

August, 2015

The experiences I’ve had with Mansfield Physical Therapy over the past two years have been extremely beneficial for me, and I found Marcia Donofrio to be a very knowledgeable and competent physical therapist.  Approximately two and a half years ago I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my hands, particularly bad in my right hand.  A couple of my fingers were locking up and the swelling in my fingers was worsening.  I went to a rheumatologist who never even touched my hand and just wanted to give a cortisone shot and a prescription for medication.  A friend, who had gone to Mansfield Physical Therapy for her ailments, recommended Marcia to me.  The hands-on therapy Marcia performed, helped to restore joint function to my fingers, reduced swelling and greatly improved movement in my right hand, where I needed it the most.  I know that hand would be in much worse shape today if Marcia hadn’t used her hands-on therapy.  I’ve gone to other therapists in the past for other problems, but I’ve never known any of them that go to the lengths Marcia does to help alleviate pain and/or discomfort a person has.  She has also worked on other areas of my body to get rid of lower back, sciatic and leg pain.  For those areas, Marcia taught me stretching exercises to help keep everything aligned properly.  Most people, when they hit their 70s, wake up with some aches and pains many mornings.  I’m no exception; but, Marcia has been an exceptional physical therapist for me, and I highly recommend her.

D. Bergmann, Vernon, CT

I would like to thank the therapists at Mansfield PT.  I have chronic neck and lower back pain. You have helped me tremendously, not just with exercises, but with heat, massage and therapeutic movements. I think I am most impressed with your knowledge.  I have learned a lot about muscle groups, tension and posture.  Your caring, compassion and patience are genuine.  Thank you all.

J. & D. Sprague, Hampton, CT